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Who Is The Dude?

The dude is a traveler, blogger, web designer, cryptocurrency trader, and all around technology nut. I’m best known on the internet as @The_Crypto_Dood formerly known as @BitcoinDood on Twitter. When I’m not blogging or trading cryptocurrency you can usually find me riding around New York State on one of my motorcycles.

For the most part I earn my living trading cryptocurrency and working from home. I came across an article one day about the digital nomad lifestyle. People who not only work from home, but work from their phones or laptops wherever they happen to be and I became fascinated with the concept. After purchasing a dual sport motorcycle this year, I decided to start testing the boundaries of this digital nomad lifestyle. Cryptocurrency has given me the freedom to work from home and travel, and technology has given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

The focus of this blog will be motorcycles, travel, and technology. Mainly how technology can allow us to travel and give us the ability to work from wherever we choose. I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you and testing the limits of the digital nomad lifestyle.