Runes, Omens, and the End of Summer. This Motorcycle Season Wasn’t What I Expected

What a weird summer! I swear to the gods it feels like summer never really got off the ground in Buffalo NY. Spring was cold and rainy and that carried over into the summer as well. I kept waiting for better weather, and before I knew it, Labor Day was here marking the official end of summer here in the U.S. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fair weather rider but most of the forecasts were high winds and thunderstorms. Not really ideal motorcycle riding weather and I try to avoid severe weather when I can.

I do have some plans for Autumn trips so the seasons not a complete wash yet.  Autumn in Western NY and this part of the country is just absolutely beautiful. Hopefully, those trips will come to fruition. Honestly, my attitude is kind of shot. We’ll see what happens.

Autumn in Western NY state
I love autumn in western NY state.

I have this thing about things going smoothly. I know everything in life doesn’t always go smoothly or as planned most times. However, when things continuously go wrong, and everything you do seems to end up not going as planned, you have to ask yourself, “Is the universe trying to tell me something.” That’s really where I’m at right now. This project has overcome one hurdle after another. I’ve faced a crypto winter bear market. Then, just when things seemed to be shaping up, we got hit with Corona Virus. I thought for sure this was the summer I’d kick this thing off and I got hit with bad weather and then some really strange events that really got me questioning all this. I talked a little about this in previous posts, I planned a trip to the Georgia Guidestones, and then somebody blew up the Guidestones. OK, next, maybe Kentucky would be a fun summer trip… Two weeks later, just as I’m getting ready to finalize things, Kentucky gets slammed with record flooding. Seriously, I couldn’t make this up.


CSC TT 250 on the motorcycle lift.
The CSC TT250 getting ready for the new swingarm.

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened over the weekend. I decided I’d change things up. The repair videos are doing pretty well on Youtube so I decided to start focusing on that. I ordered a bunch of parts for my CSC TT250 Chinese dual-sport. Over the weekend I started working on the swing arm and I lost all the video footage. It’s partially my fault, I should have used multiple cameras and I didn’t. My Nokia phone recorded all the video but didn’t process it. IDK what happened, but two hours of footage, the most important part of the installation, didn’t process. Seriously, enough is enough.

Motorcycle swingarm sitting on a table.
New motorcycle swingarm. Can’t believe I lost the camera footage of this.

Honestly, I was ready to scrap this whole project. I can still travel without a travel blog. I just thought it would be fun to document this stuff with a blog. Being Pagan I decided to leave it to the fates. I recently purchased some rune stones and decided to do my first reading with them on the travel blog. I’ll post more on both the rune set I purchased and the reading in a future post on Hive. For now, I’ll just say the reading saved this blog for another year.

A rune stone spread.
The runes are telling me to give it another year.


To summarize, the first stone I notice represented “stagnation” and that was indeed the real question. I love when a reading starts off with the perfect rune or tarot card. The rest of the stones seemed pretty accurate too. My final takeaway from this was that there are still a few obstacles, storms to weather, and much work to be done. Give it another year, and things will start to work out, and new beginnings are possible, stay balanced, keep working, and a successful outcome is possible. That was my basic takeaway.

So will live another year. There will be no posting schedule and I need to do a Youtube post on this as well. Basically, it’s going to be like a side project, as stuff happens I’ll blog on both Hive and here and also continue to post to 3Speak/Youtube. If things continue on like this over the next year though, I’ll be winding this project down by the end of next summer and look for something else to focus most of my attention on.

So, that’s it. That’s the post. Things aren’t going very well for the Still having fun though and I really hope my luck changes with this project.

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