A Formal Introduction. I’m The Motorcycle Dude.

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I’m no Jack Kerouac but I’ve always appreciated his writing style and wild tales of adventures on the road.

So I’m The Motorcycle Dood. I created an introduction page, but I wanted to add a formal introduction to the blog archive. I’m a web designer, blogger, cryptocurrency trader, traveler and lover of all things motorcycles. Most of the internet knows me as The Dood or @BitcoinDood on Twitter. Trading cryptocurrency has given me the opportunity to do some traveling and I decided to share some of those experiences with the internet via this blog.

I currently own two motorcycles. One is a 2003 Honda Shadow VT750 that has a lot of custom work done to it. That’s my bike for around the city. For traveling I enjoy riding my 2018 CSC TT250 dual sport. It’s the perfect bike for camping, and riding along old dirt roads when I can find them.

The CSC is a Chinese motorcycle built in California. Frankly, I bought it to see see how a┬ábrand new $2000 motorcycle delivered to your door runs. I have to admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ll be writing a lot about my experiences riding a cheap Chinese dual sport too.

I do try and travel on a budget, and traveling by motorcycle and camping makes travel extremely economical. For the most part I camp, cook my own food, and look for dispersed or primitive free camping wherever I go. Occassionally I will check into a state park or tourist destination. I plan on sharing many tips on camping, eating cheap, and taking low budget vacations.

For me it’s all about the journey over the destination. Traveling across this great land, and riding through small towns and villages in the middle of nowhere that look almost untouched by time. There’s nothing like riding out of the city and into sprawling green hills, or autumn vistas in the middle of nowhere as you approach small towns that look like they’re straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. To me, this is best experienced on a motorcycle.

I try to take country back roads for most of my travels. Occasionally I’ll hop on a major highway, but for the most part I have my Google maps set to avoid major highways and toll roads. Using Google Maps in this way, always helps me discover some incredible places as I travel. Small towns and scenic back roads all the way.

I wanted a place to document my journeys and adventures, and an easy way to share my life with friends, family and the internet. This blog will be about motorcycles and traveling. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I’ll enjoy creating them.

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