Winter Is Coming!

GoT, Winter is coming meme.
Winter is coming and The Motorcycle Dude is riding through it!
Woke up to a really cold morning. The creases of the neighborhood roofs covered in a light snow from the night before. It’s only October, but make no mistake about it, Winter Is Coming! I live in Buffalo NY, our winters are cold, snowy, and definitely not year round riding weather.

This is the first winter I’m going to try and ride through. I’m not new to winter riding. I generally take the Honda Shadow out a couple times a month just to blow out the carburetors and keep her tuned up. Plus you just get the itch to get out there and go for a ride. Snowmobilers do it, why cant bikers? Taking a Sunday ride, and riding daily though, should prove to be two totally different experiences.

One of the reasons I bought the CSC TT250, is because I thought it would be a fun year round bike. Something that I could take out in the snow if I felt like it. I’ve enjoyed riding it through the summer so much I just cant bring myself to put it away for the winter. I’ve decided to ride it through the winter to, hopefully I’ll have just as much fun! On top of this, I’m lucky enough to only live about 10 or 15 city blocks from where I work. This makes the daily commute back and forth to work, much more bearable. On a side note, I’ve cut out all caffeine and sugar so the brisk morning ride actually feels good! We’ll see if I still feel that way in the middle of December 🙂

The summer flew by so fast! They say time fly’s when you’re having fun. Well summer seems to go by a lot quicker when you have a motorcycle. I suppose it’s all the fun and adventures we have. In my twisted mind, I think I’m hoping that if I ride through winter I can speed up time, and before I know it, winter will blow past like summer did! One can hope, right? I’m making this sacrifice for all of us! LOL.

With summer over, I won’t be blogging about many adventures or places that I’ve traveled. I will be doing some campground reviews, gear and tech reviews, planning ideas, and more on surviving out on the road off the back of a motorcycle. I’m thinking about getting into some video work for the blog too. I’ll also be getting some of those autumn images up soon. Unfortunately things got a little hectic with my personal life, and that final Autumn trip never happened, but there is still time so who knows? And, of course, I’ll also be posting about riding year round in a wintery city.

Thanks for reading and warm wishes from The Motorcycle Dude.

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