Motorcycle Trip Plans For 2019

Ride more, pack less, travel further has become sort of a mantra for me in 2019. Looking back on last years travels, the one thing I really wanted to improve on in 2019 was how I packed and prepared for a trip. Less weight is better. Traveling light, in my opinion, is a bit more comfortable.

So my first goal for 2019 is to consolidate this mess into my Saddleman tail bag, and maybe bring a backpack.

Over the course of my travels in 2018, I realized what I absolutely needed, what was added luxury, and what was just a plain waste of time. I’ll get into motorcycle packing more in future posts but for now, I’ve broken it down into a few simple systems.

The necessities:

  1. Sleep system.
  2. Clothing system.
  3. Food and cooking system.
  4. Hygiene system – Very important.
  5. First aid.

My goal by spring is to fit these 5 systems into my Saddleman, strap it to the back of my bike and ride more and travel further 🙂

too much clutter in my motorcycle pack.
I had the right idea at the beginning of the year. My first goal of 2019 is to fit the necessities of my 5 systems into the Saddleman bag and maybe wear a backpack. I’d like to keep the newly added ammo can on the tail too. I’ll post an image at the bottom of the post.

So once I lighten my load I’ve got big plans for the “ride more and travel further part”. Obviously, the big goal is Buffalo NY to California – Pacific Coast Hwy round trip. That’s still the main goal when I can afford it financially. Right now it’s definitely not in the budget!

I’ve lived off my cryptocurrency trading profits for the last two years. With the bear market of 2018, the big cross-country trip has been postponed. I may start looking for a job soon, to help fund that trip.

With that said, I’ve set my sites on some closer destinations, that will also fit in the budget. I’d like to revisit Allegheny State Park again. I love that part of Western New York.

I’d also like to try the Adirondacks and Vermont one more time. The last attempt wasn’t a complete success.

I’ve lived in Buffalo NY my entire life and I’ve never visited New York City. It’s about a 10-hour drive taking country backroads. I think I’d like to ride into the big city to do a little shopping and site seeing.

Another destination I’ve been considering is Cape Cod, Massachusets. I haven’t been there in over 30 years and I’d love to camp out ocean side and ride along the cape. Absolutely gorgeous scenery from what I remember.

Finally, I’d like to take a ride along Lake Erie to Detroit Michigan. Just seems like it would be a nice ride, great scenery along the way and I’d like to see Detroit for myself first hand.

So, there we have it! Those are the travel destinations I’d like to attempt in 2019. I may add more, or change my plans between now and then, but these are the places that I’m giving the most consideration. I’m also staying positive on figuring out a way to swing the cross-country adventure to California.

For now, I just have to keep telling myself, “Ride more, pack less, travel further!” Wishing you all a safe, healthy and prosperous 2019!

Ammo can mounted on back of CSC TT250
I should be able to keep the ammo can for tools and still fit the Saddleman bag. I’ll have to start experimenting with this when spring arrives.

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