Thoughts On Solo Camping – Letchworth State Park

I still find it pretty wild that I’m typing this in a tent in the middle of the wilderness. Pretty cool how far we’ve come with technology. I decided to write this tonight so I’m prepared for the following days #HiveBloPoMo.

The first car drives by since I’ve been here. I think it’s the hunter that was parked at the end of the trail. Pretty sure it’s deer season for bow and arrow. Letchworth State Park was also filled with hunters.

No camping in Letchworth after October! So I used and found some state land about 20 minutes away.

I’m not sure what the temperature is, but it’s pretty cold. I can see my breath in the light of the computer screen as I type this. I wanted to test out my sleep system. I picked up a new blow-up mattress, and I also wanted to see how well my sleeping bag works. So far, nice and comfy.

Not to make light of homelessness but in some ways moto-camping is like living homeless briefly. At the very least, if you never slept out in the cold, if you do it just once you’ll never look at a homeless person the same in the middle of winter.

The last of the suns light is falling behind the hills. Darkness engulfs the campground and my tent. I drove around for awhile before picking my camping spot and that hunter was the last human I’d seen in several miles.

Letchworth State Park Ossian State Lands Camping
Sunsets over Ossian State Land just outside of Letchworth State Park

It’s a wild feeling camping out in the middle of nowhere by yourself. The first couple times I did it I was a little nervous, but you get used to it pretty quick…. Think warm happy thoughts… Paranoid thoughts enter the mind! Back. Begone! I’m a happy human and no harm can befall me! 🙂

Tonight I’ll probably get killed by an axe murderer for polking fun at the thought.

Posing in front of the canyon at Letchworth State Park
I forgot my selfie stick and a man and his wife seen me stuggling and asked if I wanted them to take a quick snapshot.
Letchworth Canyon
A cloudy day, but that didn’t take away from the majestic beauty of this location.

Letchworth was absolutely awesome. Great scenery and I took lots of pics and vids. I have to admit though, I’m a little sad. I’m grateful that I’m taking a trip in the first week of November, but a little bummed that this will probably be the last trip of 2021!

I may sneak a couple more rides in, but this is DEFINITELY the last camping trip of 2021. I’m not a big fan of winter camping at all. I like being warm and comfy! Who knows I could always rent a cabin somewhere. I think I’ll be buying motorcycle parts over the next couple months, no cash for luxuries like cabins 🙂

A frost covered DR650 moto camping
Woke up to a frost covered motorcycle. It was REALLY cold.

I should have a 3 Speak video up by next week. I’ve been trying to post one vlog every Sunday. This week I’m finishing up the Allegany adventure. I learned a lot editing that video. This Letchworth trip should be a lot shorter and hopefully more entertaining. Bare with me, I’m still learning how this motovlogging works.

Well that’s all I got. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I should have the video up next Sunday on 3Speak!

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