Daycation: Olcott Beach NY – Riding Without a Destination.

Sometimes the best rides are local. Yesterday I was helping my neighbor with his garden and we decided on taking a ride today. We left early around 11 A.M. We didn’t really have a destination in mind, just hop on the bikes, get out of the city and ride!

Motorcycle parked at Olcott Beach NY
Parked out front of the Olcott Beach water tower.

We ended up in the town of Olcott Beach, NY which is a summer resort town along Lake Ontario. It took about an hour to get to there. We stopped and rested by this boat harbor.

Motorcycles parked and resting in the boat harbor.
We rested in this boat harbor for a bit and let the bikes cool down.

It felt good to get off the bikes for a bit. I didn’t bring my seat cushion and my butt was just starting to get a little sore. I am definitely considering an aftermarket seat for long local rides like this. I’m getting used to the seat, but after a couple hours on the stock seat, your ass is sore! It’s like sitting on a slab of concrete!

Found a cool beach.
We found this nice secluded beach and rested here for a bit.

After we left the harbor we rode around the town of Olcott for a bit. I wish I would have set my action cam to snap some pictures. I didn’t snap one picture around town. It was a really cute little town too. The entire town borders the lake. There were all kinds of hot dog stands, and amusement park rides. It was like a carnival on the street. I’ll definitely return to this riding destination. At the very least, this beach. Seems like a great place to cool off on a hot day.

duck family
Came across this cute little family of Geese getting ready to cross the road. So cute!

We came across this duck family crossing the road. I had to stop for a picture. They’re sooooo cute!

Found weed. Cereal Milk
Came across another dispensary, This one is much closer to my house.

My neighbor wanted to stop at a farm to pick up some raw milk. We ended up passing through the Tuscarora reservation and of course I found a dispensary and had to stop. This was probably the shadiest dispensary I have shopped at so far. The budtenders were very friendly though. NO PICTURES. I respected that. I bought this bag of Cereal Milk just to try out. I can’t wait to tear into this. I’ll wait until later this evening when the sun sets.

Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm Cows.

We did find the dairy farm and the farmer let me take some pictures of his cows.

Freezy and Homemade Jelly
Took a break at the dairy farm.

The dairy farm had a small country store with all kinds of local delicacies. I should have snapped some pictures inside. I couldn’t resist trying the Elderberry jelly though. I’m still dieting, so I probably wont open this until Fourth of July weekend. I just got back on the diet after taking Memorial Day weekend off. Back to the grind.

274 on the scale
Getting there. Lost a few more pounds 274!

I’m really happy with this. Down to 274. I lost over 1o pounds in the last 6 weeks. Let’s see how low I can go by Fourth of July weekend! The 250s might be pushing it. I’m shooting for low 260s by Fourth of July weekend.

I also tested out a new camera rig.

New camera rig attached to blinker.
I attached the new camera rig to the turn signal.

I attached the new camera rig to the front turn signal mount of the DR650. It works great for still shots, but I really need a camera with stabilization features. The video came out terrible. I’m still really happy with this mount though.

Peaking over the visor of the DR650
I love how the camera is almost hidden and just peaks out above the front visor.

So the still shots came out great. The image of the beach is from the action cam. The video, not so much. I need a better camera with some stabilization features. I may order one over the week. I have no problem spending $50 on a bag of weed, but God forbid I consider buying a $100 action cam with built in stabilization. 🤣 I really liked this mount though, so I’m sure that will motivate me to get a decent camera now!

I don’t know what else to say. I love rides like this. With no destination in mind, we found a cool beach, a pot dispensary, a fun summer town along the lake, and a farmer that sells raw milk! This is what riding is all about to me. Just hop on your motorcycle and take an adventure. You end up finding some of the coolest stuff that way! You don’t have to drive 1000 miles across country to find cool stuff. There’s adventures to be had right in your own backyard!

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