Why I Hate Shopping When I’m Not Ready To Buy!

It’s been a while since I posted here. I have to admit, winter weather has me a bit down. It’s the middle of February now, and like many of us I just want it over! No more cold, no more snow, bring on the spring weather and sunshine! I’m through hibernating. I want to get out and take long rides on my motorcycle under the warm summer sun! I want to camp and sleep under the stars! Go away winter… you’re drunk. You’ve worn out your welcome like a rowdy house guest that drank too much whiskey and only talks about politics!

With that said, I’ve been thinking about some summer trips. More importantly, I’ve been thinking about the big one! NY to California and back. I’ve been shopping around for new motorcycles that would be fun to ride on such an adventure. During my research, I came across this guy who bought a Royal Enfield Himalayan in Washington state and drove it back to Alaska.

The video got me thinking. I’m 50 years old, NY to California and back is one hell of a ride. Make no mistake about it, this is my bucket list ride. My back hurts, my bones ache, and if there was a way to cut the trip in half, how cool would that be? After watching this video I thought, why not buy a motorcycle in Washington State. I was actually cutting out the state of Washington in my original plans. However, if I fly to Seattle, buy a motorcycle there and then ride back, I’ve cut my trip in half. I can now see Washington, ride along PCH to Los Angeles, hit Vegas, Grand Canyon, Moab Utah, through Colorado and head home after experiencing the Rockies on a dual sport!

After thinking about this I decided to research motorcycles on Craigslist in the fine state of Washington. I came across this beauty! It’s a DRZ 400 with exactly everything I’d want in a cross country dual sport. Gel seat, rotopax gas tank, saddle bags. This is like 5 months too early and a few dollars short!

DRZ400s outfitted for touring.
DRZ400S outfitted with everything I could possibly want!

This is why I hate shopping when I’m not ready. This would be my ideal dream bike for this journey. I’m actually a little upset I can’t buy this right now. Although I’ve been thinking KLR650 or a XR650, I’d settle for a 400 outfitted like this. Here’s the full advertisement if you’re in the Seattle area looking for a dual sport.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. The good news is I think I can find plenty of bikes in my price range. I found several, but man this one would just be ideal. I figure if this trip becomes a reality this year, I’ll start shopping in August, and mid-September would probably be my ideal time to travel. There will be a lot of desert riding, and I’d rather not do it in 110 degrees plus heat. By mid September, the desert should be cool enough for somewhat comfortable travel. Honestly, if buying this bike wouldn’t completely break the bank right now, I’d consider buying it and taking the trip in spring. Just bad timing I guess.


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