What Happened With The Last Travel Video of 2021

So I’ve been really quiet on this blog. For everyone here and all my friends on Hive I have two blogs. I post regularly to my Hive blog and this blog depending on where you’re reading this is my travel blog which is also posted to Hive through the Exxp WP app . If you’re not on Hive, you’re on my travel blog 🙂 If you don’t know about Hive, it’s a blogging platform that pays you in cryptocurrency when people vote on your posts. You can find out more here.

OK, now that we got that out of the way… What the hell happened? Where have you been and why haven’t you posted to your travel blog since last summer?

I actually do this all the time IRL. Most of my motorcycle friends won’t see me all winter. As soon as riding weather returns, I get out and about. I’m sort of like a bear hibernating for winter. 🤣 There are other reasons though which I’ll explain in a minute.

So lets talk about this video. Last year in November I took the final trip of 2021 to Letchworth State Park. There was no camping after October so I ended up in Ossian State Forest about 20 minutes away from the park. I got there just before dark and nearly froze to death… Not really, I was prepared but it was really cold! Being the last trip of the season I decided I’d take the month to edit the video and then post it here in December. However, I didn’t plan on catching Covid shortly after Thanksgiving 🙁

That was the first thing that went wrong and delay number 1. Covid kicked my ass all through the holidays. I barely wanted to get out of bed or off the couch. I did try and force myself to edit the video but I didn’t like the way it was coming out.

This now leads us to delay number 2. Around the end of December I reviewed the video I edited while I was sick and hated it. This was a good thing however, because I scrapped the project thinking it was far to boring. I then started over and changed up my style a bit. Remember, I’m new to vlogging and I’m just starting to learn how to piece together a story in video form. So I hated the first video and started over.

Delay #3. I finally had a video I was proud of around the middle of January but something went terribly wrong with the sound. I couldn’t get the audio to sync up with the video. It looked like a bad kung fu movie from the 1970s after I rendered it. Back to the drawing board.

The fourth times a charm. On my fourth attempt I ended up with a product I felt was releasable. Honestly, I have a really long way to go with improving my video editing and vlogging skills.

With that said about my video editing skills I should have a lot more video coming and I plan on posting more travel related content here on thedudetravels.com which will also get posted to Hive. Hive folks can also expect to see more vlogging content from me on 3Speak too. I have to learn this software before spring arrives. A big part of my issue with video editing is that Davinci is a pretty powerful program and I currently have the very basics down. It’s time to take a deep dive into learning the Davinci video editor.

So here’s the YouTube video finally posted to the travel blog!

Surprisingly, I’m starting to get viewers on my YouTube. My goal is to grow my YouTube channel and also promote Hive because I believe in free speech and also like to monetize my content with crypto rewards. Hive is a great way for smaller content creators to get noticed and start earning money on their content.

Here’s the link if you’d prefer to watch it on 3Speak which is also part of the Hive ecosystem.


I plan on getting back to weekly posting here on the travel blog, so if you’re reading this from Hive expect more travel related content soon! For the most part Hive is like my personal blog where I post about me and cryptocurrency related stuff. thedudetravels.com is going to be all travel related. I’m pretty excited to finally start getting this off the ground.

This leads me to a side note here… This travel project has been through a crypto bear market. A pandemic and now that the pandemic is over it’s looking like the start of world war 3. I can’t catch a break. I could care less about a vacation and travel, but let’s hope the powers that be don’t kick off world war 3. That’s going to put a cramp in all our plans not to mention the devastation and death it will bring. You’d think humanity could grow past this. When does it all end? When do we as a global people demand it ends? Enough already!

With that said, I told myself the other day I’m taking a YOLO attitude with everything now. Life’s to short and not getting any easier apparently. It’s time to live every day like my last! Stay safe and stay healthy friends.

Wow, just realized. Technically this is the first post of 2022. So Happy New Year everyone on the travel blog 🤣 I’m the worst blogger ever! Stay frosty!

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