First Awesome Day of 2022 – Can’t Wait for this Riding Season – Not Happy About Gas and Oil Prices!

It was a 60° day in beautiful Buffalo NY today. I took my first ride of 2022 without wearing gloves, scarves, and 10 layers of clothes! I’m pretty excited to get the 2022 riding season off the ground.

Bundled up for winter riding.

It felt good to get out on the road. I seen several other bikes on the road and it looked like a lot of people pulled out their summer cars. Seen a bunch of lowered imports cruising the streets too! Buffalo winters are hard and as soon as the weather breaks everyone pulls out their summer rides!

This is the time of year I like to start working on the motorcycles. The weather is cooler and it’s much more pleasant than turning a wrench on a 80° day with sweat rolling off you like Niagara Falls. I should be posting some more upgrade videos soon. I’ll be adding a USB charging port to the handlebars (ordering that soon). I also ordered a 1.3 gallon Rotopax gas tank knock-off, that will probably be the next video because I already have it and just waiting for a nice day to install it. It’s a Jonas gas tank, expect a review of that soon enough.

1.3 gallon external gas can.

Speaking of gas, I had to put one of these stickers on my gas tank so I wouldn’t forget to sticker each pump I fill up at. 🤣 I always carry a couple extra stickers in my wallet for just such an occasion! I tend to forget about the stickers though, so I’m hoping the Creepy Joe sticker pointing at my gas tank reminds me to sticker the pump when I’m done. 😂🍻 Believe it or not, these sticker are all over the place and the stations keep peeling them off as everyone continues to replace them daily! I can’t help it, I have to do my part! Not for anything, but all political comments will be ignored. It’s a sticker for Christ sake, just get over yourself if you’re offended. In the greater scheme of things it’s poking fun at a terrible situation!

Thank Creepy Joe
A reminder so I don’t forget to sticker the pump after each fill up.

With that said, naturally the price of gas will be $6 or $7 a gallon now that I’m ready to get my travel on! I need to get my little 230cc CSC fixed for riding around town. These gas price are a real buzz kill. Not to mention I absolutely have to order new tires this season. I’m really upset I didn’t order at the end of last season now. I suspect tire prices have probably doubled since October of last year. My understanding is a lot of oil goes into each tire. 😭 Expect some tire changing videos soon too, hopefully they don’t break the bank!

I plan on doing some traveling this summer. I actually had some really big trips planned but I’m currently playing everything by ear. Make no mistake about it though, The Dude will travel in 2022. California and the western states are probably out of the question this year. Not to be negative, but I’m convinced we’re on the cusp of World War III and I’m afraid to stray to far from home. God forbid if something happens I’d hate to be 3 or 4 days away from home with only a dual sport and some camping gear. I suppose there are worse ways to start the apocalypse, but getting back to the family would be of utmost importance to me. For the most part, I could probably survive off my tail bag for as long as I’d have to. (GOD I HOPE IT NEVER COMES TO THAT). I’ve been wanting to tour the southern states though and there are plenty of cool destinations that will take half the time to get to and make it much easier to return home in the event of an emergency. There’s always the east coast to! Maybe not as scenic as Pacific Coast Highway, but still plenty of nice travel destinations along that coastline. I live very close to wine country too and the Finger Lakes in NY make for some nice riding.

There will be traveling in 2022! I’ve waited long enough. At the very least expect a trip to the Adirondacks, Vermont is close to a definite destination this year, and I’ve been thinking a lot about Cape Cod. I’m also looking into some fun daycations and a couple off-road parks in nearby Pennsylvania. I’d like to check out Kentucky too and maybe visit a bourbon distillery or two. The Appalachian Trail also looks like an interesting destination and covers many southern states. I have a lot of options currently!

So lets go 2022! Time to hit the road, do some riding and a little sight seeing to boot! Safe travels my friends.

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