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I’m starting to grow on social media. Well, maybe not grow yet but I’m starting to promote the blog and channel on various social media sites. So if you’re looking for fun motorcycle, travel and dual sport adventures in your social media I hope you consider giving me a follow.


Started a YouTube channel and I’ve been posting there regularly. Right now it’s mostly maintenance and DIY mod videos about the Suzuki DR650. I will be posting my adventures there shortly and I’m actually editing a two part video for my first adventure. I should have part 1 up by the start of next week and part 2 following shortly. I don’t currently have a posting schedule but I’m trying to consistently post at least 1 – 2 videos per week.

Hive, Peakd,  3Speak and

I’m listing these 3 together because they’re different platforms but all connected. Hive is a social media blockchain that rewards content creators with cryptocurrency. Peakd , 3Speak and Dbuzz are platforms that interact with the HIVE blockchain. Hive is great for content creators both big and small. Anyone can post to Hive and share in the community rewards. For smaller content creators it’s a great way to start earning on your posts right away. For bigger content creators its a great way to further monetize your content.

As I mentioned earlier Peakd, 3Speak and Dbuzz are separate platforms that reward users in Hive. Peakd is comparable to Blogger for blogging. 3Speak is a blockchain YouTube competitor and they will also be issuing their own token called SPK! Dbuzz is a blockchain based Twitter competitor. I’ll be talking about all these projects more in the future because cryptocurrency is how I pay the bills and helps to fund a lot of my travels and adventures. You can follow me on these platforms here:


Most of Twitter knows me as BitcoinDood or now @The_Crypto_Dood but I’ve also created a separate travel and motorcycle account @TheMotoDude


I just created my Instagram account so at the time of this writing there isn’t a lot there yet.


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