My First HIVE Blog Using Exxp From My WordPress Blog

OK, lets get started. After several delays I think I’m finally ready to start posting to this blog regularly! For those seeing this on the Hive blockchain, I’m posting this from For those seeing this from my WordPress blog this post can also be found on my HIVE blog as well.

If all goes well this post will appear in my Hive blog too when I hit the publish button. If all goes wrong, I’ll be cutting and pasting this post into my Hive editor 🤣 Hopefully everything works well.  A big thankyou to @traciyork and @fionasfavourites for suggesting this WordPress plugin  which allows me to post to both blogs with a click of the button.

So for the people reading this from my WordPress blog, let’s talk a little about HIVE. As all 3 of the people that follow this blog know, I make my money in the cryptocurrency industry. I’m a full time cryptocurrency trader. If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, do an internet search on “Bitcoin”, “Litecoin”, and “cryptocurrency”.  If you have questions afterword, feel free to drop them in the comments. I’m always on the lookout to teach new people about the joys of cryptocurrency.

HIVE is a cryptocurrency protocol for bloggers. When people read my content on the HIVE blockchain, they can vote for it, and I earn rewards. I can then take those rewards and either stake them (its like an interest bearing savings account) or transfer them to an exchange and cash out to US dollars or fiat currency. I’m over simplifying here and there’s a little more to it than that, but for the sake of this article, lets keep things simple.

From time to time I will be talking about cryptocurrency in this blog, and also on my YouTube and 3Speak channels. It is how I pay the bills around here and buy motorcycles and pay for my traveling expenses. It would be hard not to mention it from time to time! Although my main focus is on 3Speak, I am trying to spread awareness on YouTube. If you’re enjoying my motorcycle content, please consider following my YouTube channel. At the time of this writing I think I have a whole 7 subscribers. 🤣 Getting that subscriber count up would really help in spreading the word and getting found by YouTubes algorithms.

For all my awesome Hive people I will be posting most of my motorcycle and travel related content from my WordPress blog on using the WordPress plugin. I’m looking forward to sharing my motorcycle adventures here and on my WordPress blog. I’ll still be posting about cryptocurrency from time to time on LeoFinance and on Hive, probably more so now that winter is coming. (As I write this, the first snowflakes of the season are floating gently past my office window!) I have a trip coming up shortly too and I may be posting my first snow camping video sooner than expected 😒

With all that said, I’m finally ready to start focusing on this project. I have a decent motorcycle for traveling. I’m pretty sure I have most of the equipment I need for camping. My lower back pain is under control and I’m ready for some adventures! I have a lot of different destinations planned. I’m contemplating whether or not I want to take my Pacific Coast Highway trip next summer with the DR or explore some of the southern states here in the US. I’ve already done a lot of traveling out west, but have seen very little of the south. So the southern states are a huge consideration for next summers travels! I’m also considering some destinations around Maine and Massachusetts. Regardless of the destination, I’m looking forward to some adventures and the journeys they’ll entail. Sooner or later I’ll take my dream vacation and ride along the Pacific coast from Washington State to Los Angeles California then through the desert to Las Vegas!

Over the winter most of the content will probably be mod videos on the DR650. Some mods I’ll be doing soon will include new tires (the stock tires on the Suzuki DR650 suck! I can’t wait to get rid of those.), a new larger gas tank, a USB charging station for phone charging and laptop power, and some smaller mods like removing the kickstand shut off switch and other things that tend to fail at the worst possible time in the worst possible places! Part failures are fine when you’re in your local community but suck when you’re in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and a couple thousand miles from home! Let’s try to limit those scenarios! Although I’m told by other vloggers those videos tend to get lots of likes. In that case, I’ll take less likes and fewer problems thank you!

I’m also looking for some UniSwap and HIVE graphics for the DR650. The DR was purchased with the proceeds of the UniSwap airdrop! Thank you UniSwap! So far all the extra mods and cameras have been paid for with proceeds from my Splinterlands NFT sales on the Hive blockchain! I decided to use those gains to invest in some video equipment for vlogging on 3Speak and YouTube where I’ll also spread the word of HIVE! I thought graphics would be a great way to start the conversation when I’m on the road. I also want some graphics with my domain name. So new bike graphics will be set up before next summers adventures.

Other upgrades will include more cameras. Right after the holidays I plan on looking into more action cams and ways to mount them. I need more angles in my videos. I’m new to vlogging and learning as I go, but watching other peoples vlogging videos I’m realizing I need more camera angles. A drone would be nice too. Maybe Santa Clause will bring me one, if not, I’d like to look into ordering one of those! More things to research, I have zero knowledge of drone technology!

Well that’s where I’m at right now. Finally moving forward on this project. I should be posting motorcycle content to this blog and on Hive regularly. Expect at least one motorcycle post a week here. I’ve been posting regularly to 3Speak and YouTube as well. Those motovlogging posts may slow up a little over the winter months, but it’s already November and I’m still riding. I’m hoping to be riding regularly again by the start of March! Fingers crossed for a warm and early spring!

I post about a lot of different topics on Hive and 3Speak too, so if you enjoy my motorcycle content and you’re not already on Hive, I hope you’ll consider joining us. We’re a fun loving community of writers, bloggers, artists, photographers and everything in between. We’d love to see you join us! Here’s a referral if you’re interested

Thanks for reading and happy travels! To steal some lyrics from The Grateful Dead, “What a long strange trips its been!”










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